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KTAR CF 24Oct 00, Bandar Baru Methodist Centre 24Jun01, Updated 15Jan2013

Three Difficult Questions

Matthew 22: 15 - 46, cf Mark 12


Tonight : what is your question? Do you have a question to ask our Lord Jesus Christ? In our Bible passage tonight, we read about Jesus' enemies asking Him 3 difficult questions. Verse 15 says "how they might entangle Him in his talk." We know that Jesus made many enemies while He was here on earth. He wasn't a very good politician. He offended many people. In verse 16, his enemies described Him as a person who "cares not, regards not" people. Our Lord's enemies would not leave Him alone. Verse 15 says they "took counsel together". Both verse 34 and 42 say "they gathered together."

A Question of Loyalty v16 - 22

Herodians - no disloyalty.

Question: v17 - is it lawful to give tribute to Caesar?

Nobody at that time had ever thought of that - v22 they marvelled.

A Question of Life v23 - 33

Sadducees - no resurrection..

Verse 24 = Deutoronomy 25: 5, 6.
Question: v24 - 28 - in the resurrection, if there were a resurrection, whose wife shall she be of the seven brothers?

Meaning: God is the God of the living, not the God of the dead. Nobody has ever noticed that before.
v33 - the multitude were astonished.

A Question of Law v34 - 40

Lawyer - no transgression.

Question: v36 - which is the greatest commandment in the law (testing him)?

The lawyer could not see - out of more than 600 commandments in the Old Testament Law - that the entire law and the writings of the prophets were based on these 2 commandments!

The Lord's Question v41ff

To the Pharisees (verse 41)

About Himself (verse 42) - whose son is the Messiah?

How could David's descendant also be David's Master? How come?
No one could answer that question. From that day, no one asked any more questions.

P.S. : I preached the above sermon to a small group of Christian College Students at a Chinese Methodist outreach back in October 2000. At that time, I believed in the doctrine of the Trinity and my answer to the Master's Impossible Question was, not surprisingly, "because the Messiah is God. He is part of the Trinitarian God-head. That's why King David addressed him as his Master" . . .

Today, 15Jan2013: Thirteen years have passed. I have become a Monotheistic Believer in YHWH.

About a week ago I realised that the answer to the Impossible Question can be found in Peter's message to the people in Jerusalem on the Day of Pentecost (Shavuot) in Acts chapter 2:29 - 36, especially v33 and 34. In his sermon, Peter explained that

This Yeshua, who is crucified, is the one that God has made Master (Adon) and Anointed One (Messiah).

So why did King David call the Messiah, who is his descendant, "Adoni" (Master)? Because the Messiah went up to heaven to be at the right hand of His God and His Father.