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Updated Thur 13Nov2008 2053hr

Under Construction . . .

This is a loose collection of various C and Java programs, including ADTs and data structure applications which I have developed over my years of teaching in this college. Each of the following links opens in a new window.

Java Applets

  1. Test Applet01 Used to show my students the init-start-stop-destroy cycle of an applet.
  2. Basic Events Applet Like the TestApplet01 above, yet another demo of the init, start, stop and destroy events.
  3. GUI Applet A rudimentary GUI with two textfields and an OK button, to demo GUI event handling in an applet.
  4. Very Simple Calculator A primitive calculator which I built from the ground up, without reference to any existing code, literally re-inventing the wheel. It was done as a final week to my Intro to Java class to show them what their 14-week course can do!
  5. DisplayImage with URL Displays a still image of a flag. It demonstrates the use of a swing ImageIcon with a URL reference.
  6. Paint Icons of Flowers Displays icons of various flowers in response to command buttons. Again, this is a demo of an ImageIcon with its paintIcon method in action.
  7. ZoomInOut Employs the Graphics drawImage method, using an Image object instead of ImageIcons. An overloaded method of drawImage accepts applet width and height parameters. This is put to good use in this ZoomIn-ZoomOut applet.
  8. Loan Calculator Applet Helps you get an idea of monthly repayments to a typical loan calculated on monthly rests. Caution: its results may differ from those of commercial banks! The deprecated <applet> tag on this html page has been replaced by the <object> xhtml compliant tag, customised to work with both Mozilla and IE browsers
  9. Investment Calculator Quite the reverse of the above loan calculator, this applet lets you enter how much you'd like to set aside as savings each month and it calculates your total accumulated savings on monthly compounded interest.
  10. Investment-cum-Loan Calculator I've merely made both applets available on one page. Nothing new . . .

HTML, JavaScript, XMLDOM

  1. CafeMenuBill
  2. A CD Catalog Using XML
  3. A CD Catalog Using XML - older version 
  4. View the entire CD Catalog - uses XmlHttpRequest *New**13Nov08*