Poems and Songs for my Beloved Wife.
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7 June 1981, 0515 hr, UPM, Serdang

Be Still

Be still, my love whatever betides,
In storms or floods, or endless nights.
The Lord of Lords watches by our side,
He stands for us and for us He fights.

The storms may churn the sea so fierce,
To make you fear and tremble with tears.
The floods may rise to bring you sorrow,
And nights may linger to darken tomorrow.

Yet be still my love, for the Lord is at hand,
To still the storm and to dry up the land.
He lights our path in the midst of our night,
To show us his glory and to teach us to fight.

Be still, my love, in seasons of peace,
When happiness comes and you feel at ease.
The Lord of love looks upon our face,
He eats with us and lives in our place.

Peace may seem to still our hearts,
And happiness may seem never to depart.
To make you shout and rejoice with song,
And play on your harp your whole day long.

Yet, be still, my love, for the Lord gives more
Than worldly peace or a treasure store.
"My peace", he says, "unto you I give",
So be still in Him, and through Him we'll live!