Poems and Songs for my Beloved Wife.
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circa mid 1981, UPM Serdang

It Refused To Be Written ...

It all began one fine summer's day
In a corner of UPM library.
A he and a she were talking away
About sugar and spices and curry.

As they continued the conversation so fair,
Then began he a new story.
Bracing himself on a squeaky old chair,
He told her he could write poetry!

On hearing this she brightened up
And told him something hard to believe.
"You write me a poem and hand it up,
I want it within the semester's leave!"

So the poor he had to scratch his head
Each night before he slept,
Trying to find an old poem instead,
But he didn't know where it was kept!

The day came when he had to meet her again,
Still without a poem to let her listen,
So hastily he caught the last train
And wrote a poem that refused to be written!