Poems and Songs for my Beloved Wife.
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19 January 2004, 1014 hr, Kampar

Love ...

    is a matter of the heart, not the mind;
        it cannot be bridled by depths of reasoning,
    nor can it be compelled by sheer force
       of determination.

    cannot be dissuaded by any word
       of admonishment,
    nor can it be convinced by any length
       of discourse.

    cannot be quenched by an inundation
       of waters,
    nor can it be annihilated by the devastation
       of storms.

    is a raging fire,
       always burning in the depths of the heart;
    it manifests itself in mysterious behaviour,
       causing a man to do strange things;
    it endows simple words with profound
    overwhelming a woman in strange ways.

    is a mystery,
       only a man in love would comprehend,
       only a woman so loved would understand.