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Updated 09Nov05 2140hr

In those days ...

It Refused To Be Written: my first poem for ChooyLin, mid 1981.

Be Still: 7th June 1981.

In Moments Like These:  21st June 1981.

First Birthday Poem:  on her 23rd birthday, 7th August 1981.

Thinking of You:  after breaking of three weeks of camping in Cameron Highlands, 18th October 1981.

Looking At You:  21st October 1981.

Then ...

Love ... a discourse on the greatest mystery of life, 19th January 2004.

Three Little Roses:  a poem to accompany three roses on Valentine's Day, 14th February 2004.

My Precious Treasure:  a song for ChooyLin's 46th birthday, 23 years after I wrote her first birthday poem on her 23rd birthday.  The writing of the first stanza began on the afternoon of the 18th July 2004, while the music was completed four days later.  The second stanza was added on the 24th July. 

And now ...

Come Near Me:  a song for ChooyLin's 47th birthday, in August 2005. After last year's, "My Precious Treasure" This is the second song I've written in my life. While last year's piece was written to a slow, romantic, waltz rhythm in A-major key, this year I've chosen a more upbeat rock & roll (8 beat) one in F-major.   Also, it took me less time to complete composing both the lyrics and the tune, having begun only about a week before her big day. 

Take Time To Live: a poem to remind both of us that life is more than just a rat race.  By the grace of God, through the gift of His only begotten Son we can make a life instead of merely making a living. **New** 09Nov2005

Created:27 July 2004, 1335, Kampar.