to the web vertex of Ng Peng You.

This site is still evolving.

Please visit the links below for the time being:

A web-log, commonly called a blog of my progress and experience in developing this web vertex.

An anthology of Poems for my Wife composed for her in 1981 and, after a hiatus of 23 years, again in 2004. Year 2004 also saw my composing a song, for the first time in my life, complete with lyrics, melody and chords, for her 46th birthday. This year, I composed another song on her 47th birthday. God willing, I'll compose more pieces as the inspiration keeps coming! Unfortunately, I have only succeeded in presenting the lyrics, but not the music score here in this vertex.

A simple set of pages on My Family produced back in 2001, with some of the contents updated occasionally. It gives you an idea of my life and background.

Some of the Songs of Praise sung at Kampar Wesley Methodist Church on Good Friday, 25th March 2005. I was the worship leader that evening.

New arrival: The Fishermen's Pages, to express my simple, "fisherman's understanding" of some of the teachings of the Lord Jesus and his apostles in the New Testament. I would also like to include examples of how the Old Testament scriptures were employed in their teachings in the New Testament.

Acknowledgement: The space for this vertex is generously given by courtesy of the Owner of Webvertices

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