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Updated 04Nov05 1457hr

This is PengYou's home page.

  • New look!  At last, after many weeks of contemplation, vacillation and procrastination, this home page is given a new three-column look, with soft background colours, 01Nov2005 0000 hr

  • Earlier, the appearance of most pages have just been made more streamlined, and easier to navigate, with the help of a standardised mast-head and a trail of "bread-crumb" links at the top of each main page 11Sep2005 0210 hr.

A web-log, commonly called a blog of my progress and experience in developing this web vertex. Updated 03Nov2005

An anthology of Poems for my Wife composed for her in 1981 and, after a hiatus of 23 years, again in 2004. Year 2004 also saw my composing a song, for the first time in my life, complete with lyrics, melody and chords, for her 46th birthday. This year, I composed another song on her 47th birthday. God willing, I'll compose more pieces as the inspiration keeps coming!

Latest: Finally, managed to create and upload music score pages for the songs, 01Nov2005

A simple set of pages on My Family produced back in 2001, with some of the contents updated occasionally. It gives you an idea of my life and background.

Under construction: The Fishermen's Pages, to express my simple, "fisherman's understanding" of some of the teachings of the Lord Jesus and his apostles in the New Testament. I would also like to include examples of how the Old Testament scriptures were employed in their teachings in the New Testament. 

Latest addition to these pages :
How shall we continue living . . . 03Nov05
Be Watchful  . . . 04Nov05

Some of the Songs of Praise sung at Kampar Wesley Methodist Church on Good Friday, 25th March 2005. I was the worship leader that evening.
Uploaded 4Nov05: Songs of Praise sung at the dedication of my new home in Taman Angkasa, April 2003.


Acknowledgement: The space for this vertex is generously given by courtesy of the Owner of Webvertices