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Updated 30Dec06 1552hr

This is PengYou's home page.

This site consists of collections of my personal thoughts, writings, experiences, events in my family and a blog of what I have been doing at this vertex since its inception in April 2005.    Please note that all the sermon notes, outlines and poems, including the designs of all these web pages, are my original composition and design.   Kindly acknowledge my authorship, and preserve the original contents in their entirety, should you want to use any of them.

My beliefs: The Fisherman's Pages, to express my simple, "fisherman's understanding" of some of the teachings of the Lord Jesus and his apostles in the New Testament.   I would also like to include examples of how the Old Testament scriptures were employed in their teachings in the New Testament.

Latest addition to these pages :
Three Spiritual Laws . . . 06Nov05
Jesus Spoke to His Own . . . 18Nov06

Favourite Links: a page of links to some interesting sites which I often visit in pursuit of interests such as learning to read Scriptures in Greek and in French, taking on-line IT training courses, and keeping in touch with on-line conference papers and proceedings. Created on 14April06.  Updated on 26Aug06

Spreadsheet archives,
Program Codes,   My Photos

A web-log, commonly called a blog of my progress and experience in developing this web vertex. Updated 30Dec2006

An anthology of Poems for my Wife composed for her in 1981 and, after a hiatus of 23 years, again in 2004.  Included in this collection are two songs which I composed for her birthdays in 2004 and 2005.  God willing, I'll compose more pieces as the inspiration keeps coming!

Latest: Added a new poem Take Time To Live, to remind both of us that godliness with contentment is great gain. 09Nov2005

Created and uploaded music score pages for the songs, 01Nov2005

Personal:A simple set of pages on My Family produced back in 2001, with some of the contents updated occasionally. It gives you an idea of my life and background.

A reference page for all the colour schemes used in this web vertex.  It is meant to be used as a "shopping centre" when adding new pages to this site in future.  12Apr2006

My new home: Songs of Praise sung at the dedication of my new home in Taman Angkasa, April 2003. Uploaded 04Nov05

Our Church: Some of the Songs of Praise sung at Kampar Wesley Methodist Church on Good Friday, 25th March 2005. I was the worship leader that evening.

Acknowledgement: The space for this vertex is generously given by courtesy of the Owner of Webvertices.    Established on 21April 2005